Thomas Low

An internationally recognized award-winning leader in New Urbanism, Tom’s urban design work includes plans for new villages, neighborhoods, and towns as well as redevelopment plans. Prior to establishing his consulting practice in 2013, Tom served as Partner with DPZ for 21 years, where he opened their Charlotte office in 1995.  One of the first in the movement, he pioneered designs including the VILLAGE OF CHESHIRE for walkable, connected, mixed-income, mixed-use, neighborhood, town, and city design—practices now common.  He has conducted over 150 multi-day planning charrettes. Through his own initiatives, Tom elevates the quality of our built environment through his Civic By Design forum, integrates sustainability with community design through Light Imprintadvocates for better school campuses through Learning Cottages and engages communities through hands-on design collaboration with MIXOPOLY.