Cheshire’s Town Center

Cheshire’s Town Center

The Town Center is taking shape!

If you’ve been following the Village of Cheshire, you have undoubtedly heard about our upcoming Town Center—a central core of shops, restaurants, and living spaces that will be the main anchor of Cheshire’s urban activity.

Slated to begin construction in the coming months is The East-End, a collection of live work spaces that will face Hwy 9.

This relatively new concept of live/work spaces pairs retail spaces on the ground level with loft spaces above. A combination allowing for separation from work but also easy access to the office at any time. A perfect set up for entrepreneurs!

The East End offers a unique opportunity for our current residents to reach out to businesses that they would like to see in the Cheshire Town Center—A florist? A gallery? A clothing store? A wine shop? A bakery? The possibilities are endless. So, let us know if you have ideas! Architect Michael McDonough has created stunning residential and commercial façades which will allow guests and shoppers to enjoy our beautiful setting with lovely creek views and access to the Cheshire walking trail system. Cheshire has also planned new centrally-located parking spaces to handle visitors and residents of the Village Center.

We are very excited about the direction the Town Center is headed. In just the past year, there has been a lot of activity in the Village of Cheshire and we think that these new living spaces will help Cheshire secure its place as the most desirable neighborhood in western North Carolina.

Watch for more information to come as the design of the Town Center continues to evolve and as the Jacobs Cottages phase II begins to be built.

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