Drone footage on a beautiful fall day.

Drone footage on a beautiful fall day.

The Fitzgerald Townhomes and Phase I of the Jacobs Cottages are nearing completion.

We are so excited about some of our projects that are nearing completion that we wanted to get some drone footage to share with you.  And really, what could be better than spending a sunny fall day outside in the mountains of western North Carolina?

You can make a life here!

Have you ever just been overwhelmed by the beauty of your place, your home. We are lucky to be reminded each morning as we are greeted by the Black Mountains that surround The Village of Cheshire that this place is special. The changing of the seasons, the crisp cool mornings, the fog lifting, the quiet babble of the brook… There are times when it feels like living in a poem.

And as many times as I have seen the Fitzgerald Townhomes and the Jacobs Cottages as they are being built… this short video made me gasp with delight that “I live here.”

Come take a look at all the projects we are working on, meet the families that have already found their place here, and let them convince you that this can be your place as well.