What is a TND?

What is a TND?

Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) is the term used by architects, land planners and developers to describe the trend of creating a complete, high-quality neighborhood through traditional town planning principles. TNDs are also becoming known as village-style developments, and include a variety of housing types, a mixture of land uses, an active center and walkable design all within a compact neighborhood concept.

A Traditional Neighborhood Development’s goal is to alleviate the most pressing problems associated with the growing issues surrounding urban sprawl—low person to land density, automobile dependence, high carbon footprint and lack of community vitality—this outdated design practice makes neighborhoods unwelcoming to pedestrians and cyclists, increases dangerous traffic, reduces community interaction.

Our Mountain Village

The Village of Cheshire, which is located in Black Mountain, North Carolina is a vibrant example of a successful traditional Neighborhood Development. Our masterplan was created by famed TND architects, Andres Duany and Elizabeth Platter Zyberk Company (DPZ) of Miami. DPZ is the design firm behind many of the most notable TNDs across the country including Seaside (FL)) and Habersham (SC). People across the world have come to seek out DPZ planned neighborhoods instead of suburban enclaves their environmental responsibility, and that they promote individual fulfillment and well-being. We attribute The Village of Cheshire’s success to our strong initial plan which was fashioned around “front porches” as a means to encourage community interaction.

Our mountain community is nestled in the quiet town of Black Mountain just minutes from the tourist destination of Asheville, NC. The Village of Cheshire allows for easy access to bustling downtown Asheville but is a quiet respite from more urban areas. We are a self-contained complete neighborhood allowing for a perfect live/work/play lifestyle. Walking trails lead from front porches to open spaces and on to the village Center and Fitness Facility.

We encourage you to research Traditional Neighborhood Developments and see for yourself why this is becoming such a huge trend in the way we want to live in our world today.


Walkable neighborhoods

Communities come to life through allowing mixtures of uses

Encourages alternative transportation modes

Protects and utilizes open space

Preserves “village center” and public spaces

Creates communities designed for live, work and play

Reduces vehicle congestion