Thank You From The Village of Cheshire

Thank You From The Village of Cheshire

To our community of family and friends.

The Village of Cheshire is so much more than a neighborhood—from the builders and landscapers to residents and our good friends—you are what make Cheshire such a special place. A growing community that is creating itself through the amazing individuals that believe in what we are building.

2017 saw some great progress in fulfilling the Cheshire Vision and we are riding that wave into 2018. New projects are making their way from the drawing board to construction… The Fitzgerald Townhomes, The Jacobs Cottages, The Village Flats, The East End Lofts, The Town Center, The Post Office, The Pedestrian Bridge and the list goes on.

As we look to 2018

We are very excited to be creating more variety in the homes that we are offering. New spaces that will meet and exceed the lifestyle choices of anyone wishing to become a part of our community. We think that a true community encompasses both young and old, families and individuals and everyone in between. Sharing no matter if it is laughter, resources or knowledge helps each of us realize both our common and individual goals.

Our Expanding Community

Throughout 2018 you see more activity across Cheshire. As interest grows in our community, so will our infrastructure. With the East End Live/work lofts, we hope to bring in more of the entrepreneurial spirit that has shaped our region over the last few years. And in the Jacobs Cottages, we are looking for a few more tight-knit clusters of families. The lock and go lifestyle of  Fitzgerald Townhomes is perfect for snowbirds or busy travelers. We will also be adding more retail spaces and are in search of unique and interesting shops to line the Town Center streets.

Join us in Co-creating your Cheshire Experience

We can’t (and don’t really want to) do this alone. As residents, realtors, and friends of The Village of Cheshire, we ask you to join us on this journey to see our vision become a reality. You are actively shaping your community each and every day, so we ask that you become even bolder in co-creating your experience here—reaching out to the people and to the businesses that you would like to have as neighbors. Like-minded, unique, exciting and above all fun!

Together we will make your Cheshire experience better each year.