Hey entrepreneurs and startups you should be looking at The East End in the Village of Cheshire!

Hey entrepreneurs and startups you should be looking at The East End in the Village of Cheshire!

WNC is becoming a mecca for new businesses and the Village of Cheshire has a new live/work solution that is going to make your life as an entrepreneur so much easier.

The East End buildings will anchor one side of The Cheshire Town Center and will have 6 open loft residences above 6 retail spaces.

Live/work spaces have become a very desired lifestyle choice in recent years—the ease and convenience of a zero-commute and being accessible to customers is invaluable.

Imagine how easy your work life could be.

Being accessible to clients is so important when you are starting or running a small business—and yet we all still need to enjoy our lives and maximize time away from the office.

With The East End, Cheshire will offer a streamlined lifestyle for business owners… an open concept loft living space above a street-level office space. And all within steps of a coffee shop, restaurants, market, fitness center, walking trail system and so much more.

Run upstairs and put dinner in the oven, run downstairs when a client shows up unexpectedly. Carve out a quick 30 minutes for the fitness center and grab a hot coffee before heading back to work. You may not use your car for weeks at a time with all that The Village of Cheshire has to offer…

The East End will front Highway #9 with ample parking on the street as well as a parking lot behind. The loft spaces will overlook a picturesque rolling stream and green space—while customers will enjoy easy access to retail spaces from Hwy #9.

You will begin seeing activity on this site in the next few weeks.

We will keep you updated as this project begins to become a reality.

We are currently accepting reservations for each of the 6 loft residences — so make your choice today to secure your favorite floor plan.